Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am 3 Months Old!!

Well hello!  Would you believe that I am going to be 3 months old on Saturday??  I just hit the 12lb mark and I'm now 25in long!  

I started daycare on the 14th of this month and I just love it.  I foot painted last week and made my first work of art.  I love going on buggy rides in the afternoon with all of the other kids.  It's really nice to be in the daycare at Mommy's work.  She comes down to see me at lunch and also feeds me.  

Here I am in the beautiful sweater and hat that my Grandma Welch made for me.  I just got it today and I had to try it on immediately!

Here's another picture of me in the sweater and hat from my Grandma Welch.  I feel so pretty in it...and warm!!!

Here I am all bundled up for the Mustangs/Lacers hockey game.  Mom brought me with to the game to show me off.  It was fun, but of course I slept.