Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Am 4 Months Old!!

Hi Everyone!  I am 4 months old today.  Let me tell you all I can do.  I can stand for long periods of time now with minimal help.  I've got a really strong grip, whatever that means.  I can rollover and I can kinda scoot.  I am all over my crib, so Mommy and Daddy wrap me up tightly in my swaddler so I can't move.  I talk....A LOT.  Sometimes I just can't help myself.  

I am just over 14lbs now and I'm transitioning to 3-6 month clothes.  I'm going to get my shots on Thursday - ouch - and then I will find out how tall I am.  I'm pretty tall compared to the rest of the kids at school.  Sometimes they are mean and take toys from me because I am the youngest one and I'm not mobile yet.  I don't fuss much and the other parents call me an Angel.  They are jealous that I sleep 12 hours per night.  When I do wake up, I sing really loudly to let Mom and Dad know that I am awake and ready for some food.   Mom and Dad laugh at me when I sing...I don't know why....they both sing too.  I have noticed that when Mommy sings, Daddy makes horrible faces.  I don't think he's a fan of her singing.

Here I am at 4 months old!  I think the blue eyes are staying!  My Grandma Welch sent me this cute outfit for Valentine's Day!

I really love sitting in my Bumbo chair.  Mom can work in the kitchen now while I play in it.  There's a tray that attaches and she puts my toys on it.  I sometimes throw them on the floor and make her get them....teehee.

Here I am taking a bath.  I have grown to love my baths.  I can't wait to use the pool this summer!!!  What a lucky baby to have her own in-ground pool!  I hear Landon is a champ on the diving board.

I love playing with my rubber ducky and toes in the bathtub!  Grandpa and Grandma Dagenais just brought me back a new Donald Duck rubber ducky from DisneyWorld!  Donald is dressed up as a pirate, but don't tell Landon!!!

Here I am attempting to crawl.  All I can do is scoot a little so far!

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~Sandy~ said...

Soooooo precious:) She has the sweetest lil face and eyes:)Loved the pictures.